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Not only the leader in social mobility and sustainability standards, Cocogreen have pioneered an end-to-end supply chain fully controlled in-house. You can be assured of complete visibility, traceability and reliability across our entirety of our processes with all of our products.

Using only the most advanced production processes and techniques, we here at Cocogreen can maintain full control over every single development stage of our leading solutions. Enabling us to deliver consistent quality, excellent working conditions and unbeatable pricing.


Our supply chain encompasses the SQS Certification System™, which assures complete social accountability, quality and sustainability. This benchmarks above all other certification systems that do not consider the full supply chain but only the end product. Cocogreen® has complete control and visibility over its supply chain, delivering full traceability from its coconut plantations and carbon-reduced manufacturing base in Sri Lanka, through to product distribution from the UK headquarters and across the globe.



We have control across established plantations, with investment going into new plantations using only the most high-yielding & disease-resistant coconut trees.


Due to our presence at the start of the supply chain, we are able to select and categorize the raw ingredient to our substrate - the coconut husk (Mescocarp)


Thanks to more steps in our production processes, we can achieve a higher performing substrate. Our Moisture Control Technology® is a unique offering setting a benchmark to which the industry tries to follow


Cocogreen® uses only the most responsible and factual methods of stabilizing the chemical & biological of our substrates


As the last stage of our manufacturing process, the finished product is manufactured in-house at one of our factories. All our factories have an on-site laboratory and follow the principles our certifications


Our fleet of vehicles operate internally to ensure there are no problems within our manufacturing operations


Products are shipped to you anywhere in around the globe by sea, ensuring as minimal environmental impact. We are experts in international trade and follow only the strictest documentary and business practices


We work with growers from across the globe to develop their knowledge and create the best product for their individual needs. With over 20 international languages spoken within our team, our specialists can help you on the best growing practices, no matter your location


Providing a high-quality solution that performs better than any alternatives, while delivering an excellent service, all at a fair price. Building close relationships with our customers and support them through the transition to Cocogreen® products.

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