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Supporting the growth of the knowledge base by contributing alongside funding research projects and demonstration areas to develop and train agronomists & growers in the best practice for substrate production to further knowledge within the substrate and commercial industry.

Co-Founder of Cocogreen® Thomas Ogden and the Minister of State for Agriculture, Fisheries & Food, George Eustice discuss key issues being researched at the WET Centre.

Cocogreen® uses research alongside scientifically led trials & converts this information into the best industry practice through the WET Centre, offering technical training to our customers around the world.

At Cocogreen®, we validate claims before we make them this is demonstrated with our scientific approach and resulting data.


Global Support

Cocogreen® currently funds, partners or supports research, demonstrations or training locations in the UK, Spain, South Korea and South Africa. These go towards helping support developing growers in these areas to look forward to new methods and technologies that provide progression in the sector.

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