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The perfect fit for refills & pots. A simple to use product, application requires on to place any of our discs or pellets into a pot or container. Simply add water and you will have high quality Cocogreen® coir substrate ready for use.

We can facilitate custom design and sizing and are able to  manufacture a disc or pellet to fit any size of plant pot volume and diameter. We supply large volumes to growers of many crops as a potting soil shipped in compressed format.

Saladfusion™ F

  • Fine structure
  • Recommended for: Propogation

Saladfusion™ FM

  • Fine-medium structure
  • Recommended for: Propogation

Saladfusion™ M

  • Medium structure
  • Recommended for: Plant raising

Custom Convenience

Our coir pellets & discs are the perfect application for propagation. With the option of a hole in the center to position a plug into, we are able to help save growers time & money. For some of the more popular pot sizes, Cocogreen® have a wide disc range available.

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