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Due to an ever-increasing global population, there is a growing demand to produce additional high-quality food, with progressively limited resources. As such, growers and consumers alike are becoming more aware of these issues and are opting for quality produce that not only tastes good but is also affordable and sustainably grown.

Using the interactive tool below discover the key global challenges impacting the world today and how Cocogreen® solutions can help to meet them.


The migration of rural populations to cities is a global trend.  Arable land in many parts of the world is scarce and reducing, with limited available with optimum climate and water source suited to mass cultivation. In other parts of the world where there is the space to create arable land, this re-development could destroy forests and put wildlife and biodiversity at risk.

Our Solution

Cocogreen® coir based growing substrates enable horticultural production on land that would otherwise be unsuitable for traditional soil-based production systems. In turn, our clients achieve significantly higher yield and quality per square metre/acre, therefore less land is needed to produce the same quantity of end products.


According to statics, world energy consumption will grow by nearly 50% between 2018 and 2050. This will continue to rise each year, unless action is taken.

Our Solution

A key component of modern produce and horticultural cultivation, Cocogreen® substrates are produced on a carbon-reduced manufacturing base in Sri Lanka, using its key raw ingredient (coconut husk) – a 100% renewable resource. Unlike peat moss or stone wool, our main ingredient does not emit CO2 as part of its retrieval or use high energy/temperature during its processing.

Cocogreen® substrates typically outputs 3-4 times more yield per acre than growing in soil, while reducing the energy footprint of production per MT of produce. We are also continuing to invest heavily in new plantations which absorb CO2. In application, we have developed innovative technologies to improve water, energy and nutrient efficiency.


It is set to become increasingly difficult to manage disease with methyl bromide and other fumigants, which are coming under legislative bans globally.

Our Solution

Cocogreen® substrates are free of disease; in fact, the naturally occurring lignin within our media acts as a barrier to pathogens during early use. The greater yield per m2/acre with fewer inputs is alone a significant contributing factor to less crop protection per MT of fresh produce. Our product offers a clean start to the growing season and promotes the growth of healthy, flavourful crops, requiring fewer crop protection products.


Phosphorus is an essential plant nutrient. As the world’s phosphorus supply decreases, this poses an enormous challenge for global food production in the foreseeable future. Nutrients are also a commercial consideration for growers’ businesses.

Our Solution

Cocogreen® substrates do not lock up nutrients – all the nutrients applied are available for uptake by the plant whenever required. This gives growers complete control over cultivation and reduces nutrient use. By also combining Agent Saver™ and Moisture Control Technology®, growers can experience drastically reduced use of nutrition per kg of produce.


Agricultural irrigation accounts for 66% of total annual global water use. The World Water Council estimates that the world will require 17% more water than is available to meet all its needs in 2020.

Our Solution

Water and nutrient consumption per kg of fresh produce is considerably lower in Cocogreen® products than when using alternative high-energy produced, or carbon emitting growing media. Our products also enable significantly less wastage than in field growing.

It is important for the future of the globe that we all do our part to make a greener tomorrow. As the population continues to grow exponentially, it is suggested that by 2050 humans will need up to 2x more food with only half of the resources.

Cocogreen® is a key player to meet this challenge.

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