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Cocogreen® Berryfusion™ Growbags are our most popular product the cultivation of strawberries grown on a tabletop or similar system.  Whether be inside a glasshouse or polytunnel, our team members and representatives can help assist and guide you to the right product for your system, environment and budget with their expert advice.

Our grow bags are shipped, compressed for ease-of setup and enable the reduction of trucks from the road aiming towards our greener future. Incorporate our leading technologies, such as Moisture Control Technology® and Safeguard™, for guaranteeing optimal root development, whilst reducing resources.

Our degradable Bio Green Bags™ are also available for this range. Speak to one of our team today to learn about our greener outlook products.

Berryfusion™ F™

  • Fine structure
  • Recommended for: Propagation/small cells

Berryfusion™ FM™

  • Fine-medium structure
  • Recommended for: Cell plants

Berryfusion™ M™

  • Medium structure
  • Recommended for: Strawberry & raspberry cultivation

Berryfusion™ O2™

  • Medium structure
  • Recommended for: Strawberry, raspberry & blackberry cultivation

The Benchmark in Strawberry Coir Substrates

BerryFusion™ Growbags are our most popular format. They have been proven globally as the highest performing, cost-effective and most easy to use substrate product for strawberry cultivation. Simple to setup and grow, this product allows modular control per 0.5-1m.


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