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Treefusion™ Pop-Up™ bags are an easy to use alternative to pots and loose substrates, particularly popular with lemon, lime, orange & mango production. The unit is delivered compressed, similar to a parcel, it is simply re-hydrated and planted into.

Our Pop-up™ bags are available in sizes 2L – 50L, with UV stabilisers from 6 months to 5 years. They can also come in a variety of colours, mixes and grades. Our in-field technical experts will advise you on the best specifications to suit your plant needs and budget, as well as on how best to use.

Treefusion™ FM

  • Fine medium structure
  • Recommended for: Propagation

Treefusion™ M

  • Medium structure
  • Recommended for: Plant raising

Treefusion™ O2

  • Medium structure
  • Recommended for: Plant raising

Treefusion™ CitroMaxx

  • Medium-coarse structure
  • Recommended for: Balanced WHC

Raised with Qualtiy

As a versatile planting format for a variety of citrus crops, Cocogreen® Pop-Up™ bags offer growers the capacity to give a solid and consistently high-quality growing medium from the plant raising stages.

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